Acapulco is the Berlin-based director duo of Nadine Schrader and Julia Wilczok.
Ten years ago, back when music television was all about music rather than wacky telenovelas,
the pair met at VIVA television (the German version of MTV).
For a few years their ways parted. Nadine got a diploma at the University of Arts in Berlin,
made waves as a DJ, and created branded content and countless superb video portraits for
German TV broadcaster ZDFneo.
Julia went off to NYC for four years where she wrote up a storm as a freelance journalist,
went M.I.A. in the local rave scene for a little while, and got submerged in making short films
at The Avant/Garde Diaries.
Ten years after their first meeting they finally reunited in Berlin.
After many good dishes of spaghetti bolognese and around a million cappuccinos, they decided
to join forces to conquer the world of moving images - commercial and other - one frame at a time.
Needless to say that film and music are still ruling their world.